Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ye Olde Oake downe...

you could see saw marks on the little tree inside..
Thats right, a little tree
shredded oak cereal..

Like a busted whale or something..
I am Lorax!

You could walk around on this thing when it was up, too. Rumor has it Fredrick Law Olmstead planted this tree after a week long rum bender..

back to the inflatables..

upon the irondequoit creek.
should have cropped my white-ass feet out
like that. note the convoy.
Yes, there was Larp.

you could be watching Louie right now..

inflatables can only mean one thing..
really, if you went to Hulu right now you could watch Louis CK's new show. It's the shit, really.
Instead of watching wildlife on the neighbors roof you could watch that show.
sunsets happen every night and thanks to the internet you could watch Louie everynight, too.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my maizes

Good Bye Allegheny

Little Rock City

It says Sexy Booby Girl.

The Turtles Shell

Between the Rocks
A close up reveals that these are rocks are composed of quartz pebbles concreted together.
Water under an overhang. Looks like another Tar-je screened T.
Inter section.
A nice duelley by camp
Nice Shelter several feet off the ground
Woods, check.
Camp under a rock. Check.
House size rocks all about.
We made a real white people fire.

July, begin

Some Dr. Livingstone type shit fo real
High and brown.

Carp are actually a nice fish and considered a delicacy in Poland.
Sheephead I think. Very Genny. The water was high
How many fish can say they been dis high?
Two types of water mix like South America or some type shit.