Sunday, June 21, 2009

The last bunch of posts are photo flow style. Pretty ambitious. Anyway start at Day off bike tour (click in right menu)



Monroe ave, sweet

Finally back in the City I find a sweet abandoned nursing home.

What's this?

A very insensitive stencilist has debased yonder property!

Irondequitian Subs

It's much more interesting. You got to be there, I guess.

I hope to live here never.

A nice spot to pee..

I stopped on my way up the hill from the shore to take a leak before my ride through suburbia
going south to the Cit. Found this old birch on a small knoll

This bamboo like plant looked photoshopped in real life.

Durand Eastman Park

This is the foundation
of a place called the
white castle. It's about
as old as buildings get around
these parts and supposed to be haunted as shit.

Behind the castles back yard..


The Fresh Water Sea


old swing bridge
happy days land
the coast to the east