Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mandatory Drive Photos- Gwe-U-Gweh edition

This is a scary house. They did not have any shitty signage in their yard.
Near the old capital.. Frickin lens dot.

These are all over the place. Check out their shitty shit at: I believe the People of the Mud* are in the right and the "upstate citizens" are actually occupying a sovereign nation. Bring in the Palinator!
*real translation


It was very quiet.
Then a steady slow breeze rattled the left over leaves.

An old island shrine..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whole lot of First friday

It made of wood, about 16 hunge.

next time I have to take more photos of stuff I didn't like.


even more puss than taking a photo of a ghetto store from a passing car is taking a photo of that photo. Go RIT!
this is nice

The balloon studio was by far the most distubing. Listening in on several ongoing conversations I needed to get out quick..
Artificial skrimshaw, dight.
This is hipstery, yet the excessive poop portrayals make it pretty tight.
pretty good.
shit yea
no thanks

bad photo

First Friday Critique-athon

Very archetypical, I'm listening..
Unoriginal, yet strong. B-
These are all from a gallery inhabited solely by wealthy olds.
I should really have taken the keyboard players photo but I'm too nice. Soft glass, non functional.