Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mae Loves Liverworst

Tired of Fall colors? Too bad.

Yellows at Tryon

Mae is finally cured after a 2nd opinion figured out she had mange (not allergies), controlled in a couple days.
Too bad she had it all summer..

New ghetto spot at VG

The Pidge

Scorpion boy

We were walking tword this hill. These two little kids came running down. The hill dropped a little at the bottom. The lead kid, who had gained considerable speed, got going a little fast and got ahead of his legs. The result was a text book scorpion, the kid skidding on his face and head, arms behind, legs above. The best part was the kid's mom and sibling immediately started laughing, thus making it ok for us, too. The kid got up like he was fine but he wasn't and started crying hella hard. It was great..

spins in the woods