Sunday, August 16, 2009

The "pool" at the campground was the color of 1000 Flushes.

Wolf Creek

Good Wading on Bed Rock

Revolutionary war era Iroquois council house moved to the park from Canadea
They tried to tunnel through the land formation on the left to run the f'in' Genesee Canal through here. It had 109 locks. Kee-riest. Then a few years later the railroad came into widespread use. The trestle from the late 1800's can be seen in the background. Still in use.

The Letch, yo

This is the first thing you see if you enter at Castile. Pretty epic on the real.
There's a healthy Buzzard population.

The same place only to the South.. F, yo.
Heading into the Valley tword Geneseo.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This spot is the best

Laid on this log for quite some time. Thought maybe I'd not leave here ever. Mae was jelous
some monsters
wading is dope. Ontario was actually warm! Holy shit!

under water photo woooooo. The bottom was about 25% silt the rest sand or pebbles. There are spots out deeper where it's just silt and it's super scary
feelin it

The Marsh on the Lake

Ill cove
I lived here a long time
Cumulous ghosts on a sunny morning
A real swamp

clove of darkness
dollar knife

Sunday, August 9, 2009